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The beginning

I am a writer. Well, the title told you that. But I haven’t been writing much lately. Then my friend Linda invited me to answer some questions for a Meet the Author page on her blog. One of the questions I answered went as follows :

“What is the book that you wished you had written?
How Long is Now by Tim Freke. On almost every page I thought – “YES! That’s how I think things are too”. Of course it would not be the same book if I wrote it, but I would love to have the courage to express more of my deepest thoughts.”

OK, so I am a courageous person. And my answer made me wonder about why I am not expressing more about how I think – both in writing and to those around me in my life. In this wondering I discovered a new book in me, waiting to come out. As part of the challenge of being more open, I decided to blog the process of creating this book. From start to finish you can come along with me on the journey. I will be following some of the processes I used to create my first book. And I expect I will be taking some diversions too. I will share how I go about it and some of what I write as well.

I would love to get some feedback along the way – it will challenge me to think more deeply and in so doing improve the content of the book I am sure. If you also feel you have a book inside you (or even written, but not ‘out there’ yet), why not follow along with me? You can post your thoughts in the comments or if you have a blog of your own then write there and post me a link. I would love to hear from friends I already have and friends I have yet to make.


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  1. I’ll be interested to see whether the processes you follow are the same as the ones I follow or whether – as with everything else – we are all different 🙂

    • Hi Linda, yes it will be interesting won’t it! I’m sure the way I go about writing won’t be exactly the way you do, or even exactly like the last time I wrote a book as I expect it’s a process that both evolves with experience and depends on the book itself. And thank you for your part as a catalyst to this particular creation.

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