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The First Idea

Every book starts with an idea or concept. I’m just reading a book my son has just finished by John Barrowman and his sister Carole where the central idea could be described as ‘What if you could draw something and have it come to life?’ That is of course a fiction book and so far I’ve had no desire to write fiction. Non-fiction all the way at the moment.

So I would not be here writing this blog if I hadn’t had a strong idea for a new book. It came about through a process followed by a light bulb moment. I have recently joined a spiritual healing practice group, after many many years of sitting on the sidelines and wondering why I did not want to learn reflexology, reiki or any of the other healing methods. And I think maybe this might have unblocked something in me.

Then I took my mother-in-law in to have a cup of coffee in with my friend Linda, who also explores the edges of reality and with whom I can talk about all kinds of odd ideas. Because I was talking to Linda, I forgot that I haven’t shared most of my more unusual ideas with mum-in-law before. And I thought how odd this was, after all I have been married 15 years now and known her longer than that. We are close and spend a lot of time together, but I had this whole private life I did not share with her. Add that to another friend recently telling me about some of her explorations ‘But of course I could never share this with my husband,’ she said. So the lightbulb for me was to think about all those other people out there who are on the forward edge of what I think of as ‘new reality’ – but editing how they think according to who they are speaking to. ‘There’s a book in there,’ I thought.

As soon as I had this thought (while I was doing the ironing – mundane tasks are a creative hothouse if you let them be) I also had a title in mind. I nearly fell at the first hurdle in this process as I was going to keep this title from you in case it turned out to be no good further down the line. But that would be cheating, so here goes. The title is ‘Out on a Limb’ and the subtitle started out as ‘Walking a Spiritual Path in a World That Doesn’t Care’, but I thought that was too negative so at the moment it is ‘Walking a Spiritual Path and Enjoying It in a World That Doesn’t Care’. Might have to work on that more later, but it will do for now.

So if you are following along with me, what is your book idea? And if you don’t have one or it isn’t clear, this is the time to play with it. Say to yourself (or the universe) ‘It would be really nice if I was clear on my book idea’ and then relax. Maybe get a book and jot down some possible ideas. This will get your subconscious going or invite inspiration from wherever you believe it originates and in the fullness of time all will be clear for you too.


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