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Another part of my idea for the book was that I got a clear visual in my head of what I would like the cover to look like. I did not think I had done this for my first book until I looked back on my early notes, where I have a rough drawing of a book cover with the book’s original working title on it. Apart from the change in title, it looks almost identical to the cover I ended up with. So maybe this is something I did before.

Anyway, back to this book and the cover. I’ll be doing a mockup of it at some point in the process, but for now just to say I realised it was inspired by this fabric from where I work. So no surprise that it will involve a tree and the colour cerise (unless it changes when I try to create it). Is it weird to get an idea from a fabric? I haven’t a clue, but I think inspiration can come from anywhere so I’m happy with that.

The other thing that is absolutely vital here is that I didn’t let this idea escape. I have a lovely notebook I call my dream book, and it’s on the pages in there that my first book first took shape. I then must have created a space for further book ideas because when I opened it there was already a place where this idea belonged. So I wrote it down and that gave it a chance to take root. I don’t know why this idea took root when all the other (brilliant!) ideas I wrote down before this one didn’t. Maybe it’s just that the time is right and I am right to write this book now.


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