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When I started writing my first book, I really didn’t know where to start. There were some resources I turned to for guidance. Two of the most helpful at the time were this book ‘The Shortest Distance Between You and a Published Book’ by Susan Page and the Infopreneuring manual by Robert G. Allen. So when I started on this adventure I dug these out again. But I now realise that I am not really going to be adopting either of the approaches wholesale, so actually my experience from writing my first book is my biggest resource. In fact I dug out the old folder  and that reminded me of something I did. I had no idea if I was capable of writing and finishing a whole book, so I put on my folder ‘It’s Fun and Easy!’ in big letters – and it was, kind-of, most of the time.

So now I have a new folder and it says ‘It’s Fun and Easy to Write a Book – and Fits Easily into My Day’. This is an attempt to circumvent my biggest excuse – ‘I don’t have the time’.


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  1. […] likely to lead to paralysis? I don’t know. So I do like the approach in the book I mentioned in the last post which is to look at your highest goal and what is realistic, then set an intention somewhere […]

  2. […] now reached the stage in my book process where the Susan Page book says I should decide whether to Self-Publish or Sell to a Publisher. As I self-published my first […]

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