About Writing, Life and Writing About Life

The creative process is so interesting. And so individual. None of us creates a work of art, piece of music, or a book in quite the same way. There can be similarities, though, and I think some of them are based on our VAK learning style. This is where we are defined as being more Visual, Auditory or Kinaesthetic. For me, it’s mainly Kinaesthetic. Now it might not be clear how this applies to writing, and in fact when I’m in the throes of writing a part of the book it probably isn’t obvious – I sit at my computer like most other people and hope that what is trotting through my head makes it out onto the digital page in a format that makes some kind of sense.

I’m not yet up to that stage in this creative process though. At this stage it is me and a notebook. I’m writing in longhand, something that has always been important for connecting to my brain – I used to do all my exam revision by writing out notes, for instance. The other thing that I found out a few years ago and that rang a bell for me is that kinaesthetic people like colour – and the brighter the better! On the surface you would think this would be more related to those with a visual preference, but in fact they are more likely to want their colours subtle and harmonious as their visual senses can get overloaded. So, how it applies to me is that I am more creative if I write in colour. Preferably lots of colours on the same page. Imagine how overjoyed I was then to find these fabulous biros when doing my weekly grocery shop. Cheap, cheerful and charming! So now I’m writing in technicolour and it’s getting the creative juices flowing beautifully.


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