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Promotional bits

Here is another promotional bit I wrote for the book :

‘Do you avoid talking about spiritual matters because you’re afraid of how people will react? Are you keeping your innermost thoughts secret? Using Seven Simple Strategies, Anne Orchard teaches you how to bring your authentic core into your whole life.’

This could be used as a promotion for a radio, blog or tv interview (I hope) and I’m sure in other places too. It’s a draft and may get tweaked later, but it’s not the first draft. It was when I tweaked my first attempt that suddenly the strategies I had been thinking about decided to become Seven Simple Stragegies, which I liked. Are there seven strategies? I don’t know yet, but it’s something to aim for. If I only find six that would work too. I might also change the book subtitle to reflect this – more on that when I get really definite about the title.


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  1. I like this Anne – How astute of you to find this particular weakness in the human core and produce a strategy to overcome other’s reactions. lol – you sound so sure of 7 strategies and then question if there is – lol – so honest!
    This reminds me of my book -5 Pillars of the Gypsy – It really wasn’t until I received the same sort of feedback from many different individuals that I realised why I had written the book. Now when I hear from someone (women mostly) that it is their spiritual go-to guide I just smile and think I Knew It! Lesley xx

    • Thank you so much Lesley 🙂 As you probably noticed the whole point about this blog is the being honest and I will be sharing the process warts and all. So far I’m excited and the air is positively humming which definitely feels like the universe is on my side. I am looking forward to the day when I can also say ‘I knew it’.

  2. […] I’m returning to my promotional bits and I think this is the last piece in that jigsaw for the moment, except for continuing to work on […]

  3. […] that has begun providing the structure so that’s fine too. The first stage was hitting on the Seven Simple Strategies (which do indeed exist) and I feel that is the second half of the book, but there needs to be a […]

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