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Writing a Baby Bio

This is another piece of promotional material, this time about me rather than the book. Or is it? A baby bio is a short piece about a person – as my friend Linda says a ‘who you are, what you do and why you do it’. We all have so many aspects, though, that any baby bio is only going to pick out key elements and I think that the one I am writing is probably for the back of the book. So it needs to get potential readers 1) interested in me or 2) to trust what I have to say. I will probably have to write another version later on which is for a different readership, eg for a book flyer to send to bookshops for instance.

So this is my current draft of the baby bio for the back of the book:

‘Anne Orchard had her first spiritual experience at the age of 38. She then shared this with … well, no-one … for the next 5 years. Even then, her spiritual development was largely conducted in secret, as there were so few people she felt she could share her thoughts with. One day she accidentally confessed some of her ideas to her mother-in-law and the world did not come to an end. In fact, it felt wonderful! So Anne began searching for ways to resolve the tension between inner spirituality and the outer world – which sometimes doesn’t care. Now she can share simple ways to bring your authentic core into all areas of your life without alienating your nearest and dearest or being carted off to the funny farm.’

Now I’d love some feedback on this – what do you think? It’s pretty flippant and light-hearted. Is that ok? I think it might be because I’m a bit like that. I don’t think there is much to be gained from being too serious (and I got the Cosmic Joke) so by having this kind of tone here it might weed out those searchers who could have bought the book and been annoyed by a light tone. Showing them by example what they might find inside. Any thoughts?


Comments on: "Writing a Baby Bio" (3)

  1. I loved it Anne – it had the right tone of showing that you weren’t going to preach and also demonstrated that you aren’t taking yourself (or it) too seriously. Well done.

  2. Thanks Linda – that’s a relief 🙂

  3. […] Today I’m returning to my promotional bits and I think this is the last piece in that jigsaw for the moment, except for continuing to work on the book cover mockup. So this is the first draft of what could go on the back of the book in addition to my baby bio. […]

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