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I started work on this over a week ago, and I’ve hit a bit of a wall. I didn’t go through this stage properly on my first book, and I don’t have much experience with image editing software, but I really wanted to have a go this time. Hubby recommended using Paint Shop Pro 6, which he has on his computer and which is apparently simpler than the later options – good thing, too. This is as far as I got before I got stuck. I am happy with the one branch, but gutted that I can’t turn the whole thing into the image in my head yet. Will be getting some technical assistance when himself and I find a day that neither of us is working – a rare commodity these days!


Comments on: "Book Cover Work in Progress" (4)

  1. Forgot to say, for any that don’t know, the book is called Out on a Limb.

  2. That was going to be my question – Love the colour and the tree shape. My idea would be to have something (spiritual) hanging from the bottom branch perhaps a little blurry (to make people have to look harder) and that way your upper portion will take the title very well. Lesley

    p.s. I am looking for spiritual Lady Bug stories if you know any or anyone – have them come by my post at http://inspirationimport.wordpress.com/2012/05/28/spirituality-and-the-lady-bug-a-call-out-for-your-stories/


  3. […] get transferred to the computer soon. And it threw up another possibility which might tweak the book cover, which is a lovely part of the creative process – how things evolve and grow as you’re […]

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