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How to Find a Book Title

Yesterday I was telling you how Book 2 (a book for writers) needed a new title. One that hooked the emotions. Given that, how was the new title found? Well, I did a lot of brainstorming, as I was asked to do by the publisher. My husband got involved too. But we just couldn’t get it. The way it was settled on eventually was a big surprise to me (more…)


Titles That Change

As I mentioned before, I am deep in the process of editing Book 2 (which is due out this September), a book for people who want to write. This book was mostly completed two years ago, and has been revived this year for a variety of reasons. Back when I was first writing it, I had a title. I was happy with that title, too. I even did some dowsing to help me with the final arrangement of the words. (more…)

Blurb revisited – Weak Words

Well my eagerly anticipated Wednesday with lots of writing time is here and it’s started with somewhat of a major wobble. It seems I have lost (read deleted without thinking about it) a Very Important File off my computer memory stick. There’s no point panicking but it’s certainly challenging my equilibrium this morning.
Anyway, I wanted to go back to the 25 word blurb I was working on for Book 3. Last week what I had was: (more…)

Planning after 3 weeks – Prioritising

Thank goodness I was actually at home on Sunday this week – especially given that I was working on Saturday. Between meetings with editors and doing the ironing it was still a busy day, but also a fabulously productive one. See, I even made time to make cakes. In fact my default position on a Sunday is that baking comes first. For me Sunday is first about family and home. (more…)

Very Brave

I was very brave this week. At my healing group on Monday evening I referred to this book I’m working on (Out on A Limb : Seven Simple Strategies for Walking a Spiritual Path and Enjoying It in a World That Doesn’t Care). It somehow felt more brave than talking about it on here, for a variety of reasons. (more…)

Editing, editing, editing

Today has mostly been editing Book 2 with all the wonderful suggestions from my editor, punctuated only with a nice lunch and getting blown about at West Bay with my other half. (The picture wasn’t taken today – today it’s all horrible and rainy)
Some of it was easy – add a comma here, change the paragraph there. Other parts made my brain hurt – sentence needs expanding, this paragraph is tortuous etc. All incredibly worthwhile, though, and I can see that the book is shaping up.
So for a little bit of light relief, how about a couple of chapter titles I was working on for Book 3 at the weekend. Using the title ‘Out on a Limb’ I thought I would use the tree analogy for the chapter titles as well. So one of the challenges becomes ‘Losing Sight Of The Tree – Feeling Disconnected’ and one of the strategies is ‘Have a Look at the Forest – Find Like-minded People’.

Considerations of Quality

Last night I was writing the last chapter of Book 2, and considering the rise of digital media – particularly free content. One big theme which came out of it was the importance of quality. The quality of how you present your book in any area where it may get noticed is, of course, vital. And so is the quality of the content. (more…)