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I’m just back from a few days at my Dad’s – away from my computer and all the stuff I’m working on. I didn’t deliberately step back, but it has (as it does) given me a bit of perspective. I’ve realised that in the last few months I have taken on not just one but several new projects. Or resurrected old projects in some cases. For the last 18 months I have been mostly concentrating on work and family, so how will these project fit in? It’s not as if I was super-organised before I added them. So am I going to end up messing up badly and not handling my responsibilities? As I come back to the scene of confusion that is my work area at home I’ve realised I need some clarity about what I am choosing to do and how to fit it into the time available. To me, this means I need to do some planning.
I’ve used various resources and planning methods in the past and what I’ve found is the more time and effort I put into any kind of planning, the more I get done overall and the less stressed I feel. So today I’m going to dig out some information to help me get back to planning (Sunday is a good day for planning, I think). For without it I am absolutely sure I cannot do all the things I want to over the next 6 months or so. I will report back on how I get on and the difference it makes.


Comments on: "Planning" (3)

  1. I shall look forward to hearing how your planning goes because I have the same problem Anne and am trying out different techniques at the moment to see, what if anything, works.

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