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Planning Systems

As I said in my last post, I’ve used quite a few different planning systems in the past, so I thought I would go through them here. This is what I either remembered or found as I went through my shelves:

  1. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey. This system comes out of the book and involves identifying your roles in life and setting goals/activities each week for each role. I have an organiser based on the 7 Habits so it wouldn’t hurt to revisit them, but I’m not ready for the level of detail involved here, which means blocking out time for the activities you plan.
  2. Wishcraft by Barbara Sher. Again this is a system which comes out of a book. This is probably the best system I ever came across for breaking down a large goal into smaller steps and maintaining momentum en route to that goal. I am quite sure I will be using this process for my larger goals as it is what enabled me to get from the idea to finishing and publishing my first book.
  3. The Success Tracs planning system from T. Harv Eker’s Peak Potentials. I used this system for some time and had a life coach to keep me on track. I considered using this again (though without the coach), but to do it properly involves setting life goals, 5 year goals and so on. As my approach to goal setting is changing and I’m more interested in going with the flow of the universe at this time, I decided it wasn’t for me now.
  4. Financial Alchemy by Morgana Rae. This system involves a workbook which covers a year of working towards your goals, and also looking at your relationship with money. Well money isn’t my main focus here as you know, but it is also something which has been less than perfect in my life lately. Plus I only half used the workbook before so have 6 months of blank pages left. Plus it uses an approach which includes asking the universe for assistance and allowing space for magic to happen. Plus it encourages you to keep balance in your life by taking actions to improve all areas, including health and recreation. So I decided to start with this to get my planning going. Each quarter has a Magic Strategy and although I’m using the pages from the 3rd quarter I thought I had better start at the beginning with that aspect so this quarter I am working on Making Space.

So yesterday I managed to set myself some goals for the year ahead, which I’ll talk about some more tomorrow. And I did my first week of planning. And I found a folder to use to keep track of all my projects in one place. So now I’m off to take care of one of the big items on the list that I only have time for today because we have an extra day off work as a result of the Queen’s Jubilee. I’m hoping to get that out of the way this morning so I can enjoy some family time for the rest of the day – which is after all what the holiday is supposed to be for!


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