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Well, it seems like ages since I actually made any real progress on this book! I promise this is the last distraction/taking stock/girding of loins before I just get on with it.
Over the weekend I have been looking at planning and how to manage my workload and as a result I went through an old part-used workbook. It gave me some more thoughts about Goal Setting. I have been taught that goals should be SMART, that is Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-Bound (there are some variations on these, but that’s the basics) but looking back every goal I have set with a date on it or involving specific numbers I never seem to achieve. So what’s wrong? Is my goal setting too ambitious? Am I lacking in application (well, sometimes, of course)? After reading Linda’s excellent article on setting goals for your book and doing this reflecting I have come to a conclusion – that if it involves factors outside your control (ie other people have to do something to make it happen) then it’s not a goal it’s a wish! This applies to a goal I set of selling the house we used to live in. It just didn’t happen, so we still own it and exist in a strange situation at the other end of the country from our own house. Other goals which involve numbers I would now describe as targets to aim for as you can take actions which bring you closer to them.
So I looked back on the goals I set. My goal “To write openly, honestly and truthfully about spiritual exploration” is a true goal as it is within my control and depends solely on my actions. On the other hand I think “To sell 500 copies of the book in the year after publication” is a target. I can affect that by my actions but ultimately other people will have to choose whether or not they want the book. So now I feel much clearer than I did.


Comments on: "Goals, Targets and Wishes" (3)

  1. That’s an interesting observation you’ve made there Anne – that if it depends on someone else doing something then it’s a wish not a goal … I hadn’t thought of it like that before 🙂

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