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Today I’m returning to my promotional bits and I think this is the last piece in that jigsaw for the moment, except for continuing to work on the book cover mockup. So this is the first draft of what could go on the back of the book in addition to my baby bio.

The working title of the book is ‘Out on a Limb: Seven Simple Strategies for Walking a Spiritual Path, and Enjoying It, in a World That Doesn’t Care’

Here is what I wrote to go on the back:

“There is an explosion of spiritual growth in the world. Where in the past organised religion held sway and people were told what to think and do, now the focus is on personal exploration. We are each encouraged to search for the truth inside ourselves even as we read or hear the thoughts of those who have gone before.

The problem is that there are so many areas of possible exploration, and at the same time so little acceptance from society at large. The result is that many of you are keeping your searches secret as a matter of self-preservation. This slows down the rate of progress towards spiritual enlightenment.

What if the truth was that you could share your thoughts, feelings and ideas? What if by doing so you could influence the world at large, speeding up our progress towards a world of peace and harmony? Why not come Out on a Limb with Anne Orchard and see what a difference you too can make by happily walking a spiritual path? The world may not always care, but you can.”

All comments gratefully received!


Comments on: "Back Blurb" (3)

  1. Overall I like it but I’d probably drop the word ‘problem’ because it creates a feeling of negativity around the subject matter of the book which isn’t what you want at all. I shall have a longer think about it and see what I feel in a few days too. BTW – if you were feeling brave you might try Madison Woods – 25 Word Blurb Challenge – http://madisonwoods.wordpress.com

    • Thanks Linda, I will work on that. It would be a good exercise to try to distill it down to 25 words, so I will give it a go and if I get something I am happy with I might be brave enough.

  2. […] writing about my back blurb and because of Linda’s suggestion, I’ve been working on my 25-word blurb/pitch for Out […]

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