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I’ve now reached the stage in my book process where the Susan Page book says I should decide whether to Self-Publish or Sell to a Publisher. As I self-published my first book, this had been my first thought for this book as well. But I did stop and think. Was I being cowardly by not trying the traditional publishing route? After all, last time I did get as far as finding a literary agent, so perhaps they would be interested in this book also.
This area I think is one where times have moved on since my copy of Susan Page’s book was published. The publishing industry has changed dramatically in the last few years and therefore some of the advantages of selling to a publisher listed in the book no longer apply. For instance “Receive money up front”. Well I’m not at all sure that’s still trye, especially for a fairly new author. Correct me if I’m wrong, though.
On the other hand the disadvantages of traditional publishing, such as taking a long time to come to print, plus lack of control over your work and how long it remains in the marketplace, do still apply. I am writing this book because of an inspiration and I feel that speed matters. Not that I am going to rush the process, but it takes a long time to put together a book proposal and take it round to agents and publishers. Time that could be spent writing the book whilst the enthusiasm for the subject is freshest, and getting it out into the world. So I decided definitely against the ‘Sell to a Publisher’ route at this time.
Interestingly, the book does mention a third possible route which I will go into more later on.
So now I do not need to write a full book proposal, but it is still useful to consider the elements of what would go in one, as some of these elements are necessary anyway, for instance the Marketing Plan.


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