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So, one week in to the planning and not surprisingly it’s going quite well 🙂

Look here at the lovely tidy desk which was on the plan to do (we won’t mention the in-tray or the pile of post that can’t be put in the in tray or it will disappear – they are for another week).

The things I think worked well about the process are:

  • having only 5 main tasks to complete in the week. A manageable number so no excuse not to get them all done (unlike the fearsome To Do List which can never be completed).
  • Having extra actions for balance in other areas of life, not just work.
  • Writing down the main challenge for the week and looking at how it could be an opportunity in disguise (this even inspired the content of the book too).
  • Writing something on the planning sheet every day (recording successes) as it kept me looking what was on there. More than once I suddenly thought as I did this in the evening, “Oh yes, I was going to eat fruit every day” and went and got some. And ate it. Can’t say it stopped me eating cake later, mind you.
  • Having the last day of the week as the day I’m always home. Have managed to mop up lots of final actions today as well as helping with homework and baking so am feeling very virtuous which should give lots of momentum for next week.

What didn’t work quite so well was ‘Asking the Universe for assistance’ as I didn’t get what I asked for which was someone to take me up on our book giveaway. Still I haven’t done any promotion for it yet, and saying that we have sold a copy of the book on Amazon (from our personal stock rather than print-on-demand) for the first time in a while, so maybe there’s something in it yet!

Ho hum! Have just been to get the link to the book giveaway page and found it wasn’t working on the site – so ite would have been pretty tricky for anyone to even find out about it. It’s fixed now. LOL


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