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Juggling Projects

This planning I’ve been doing came out of the fact that I’ve taken on several projects this year. Sometimes I regret this and think I’m mad as I felt busy already. But other times it seems quite reasonable, and at least they all fit together in some way – with the centre being me as a writer. This is a persona I have not been living up to for quite a while, but it has been interesting how resurrecting one project seems to have led to the others and to be being ready to wear that hat again. So the projects I am juggling right now (on top of day job and family, so I couldn’t even contemplate them without him indoors doing so much) are:

  1. Book no 2, which was the resurrected project and is in the editing phase.
  2. Book no 3, the main subject of this very blog at this time, and which is taking shape nicely.
  3. Book no 1, for which I am revisiting the promotion side and sending our excess stock out into the world to hopefully do some good.
  4. The Charmouth Literary Festival, which as a result of the above and the very energetic Wendy Knee is back with a bang. Will write more about this soon.

Well I don’t know about you but I feel quite exhausted just listing them. So I’m working on it with the planning, trying to take one step on each project each week, though timescales may alter how that works when one project needs more doing urgently.

I assume I’m not alone here in having multiple projects on the go. And I especially think this must be normal for writers. Writing the next book whilst promoting the last, and so on. Any tips that have made it all make sense would be helpful.


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  1. […] No 2 (I still think of them like that, especially the capital letters part) which is one of the projects I am juggling. Before this makes sense I will have to share with you what Book No 2 is about. It came out of my […]

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