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As an aside to my progress on ‘Out on a Limb’, I wanted to share something that happened to me at the weekend. At the time I was working on Book No 2 (I still think of them like that, especially the capital letters part) which is one of the projects I am juggling. Before this makes sense I will have to share with you what Book No 2 is about. It came out of my work with the Charmouth Literary Festival, and is a book for people who want to write a book, but haven’t yet reached that goal. Unlike most books for this market, it isn’t a ‘how to’ book, it’s a ‘what would it be like if’ book.
So my son came to me while I was working on my edits and the conversation went something like this:
Son : So you’re writing a book for people who want to be an author, yeah?
Me: Yes (pleased that he is showing an interest) that’s right.
Son: And you wrote your book, and it’s not exactly a million copy seller is it (eyeing the large pile of books we had printed, sitting accusingly across the room).
Me: (feeling a little less thrilled now) Well, that’s true.
Son: So what makes you think people will want to know what you have to say?
Me: Well, you know what, that’s the whole point! MOST people who write a book won’t be million copy sellers either. So I want them to know what it’s really like so they can decide if they really want to do it. And that’s why I’m the perfect person to write this book and why they will want to hear what I have to say!

Phew! Trust your nearest and dearest (especially the younger ones) to put you on the spot. But you know what, it’s good to be challenged at home because it’s sure as dammit going to happen once a book is released. And it’s excellent practice in examining your belief in your project and whether you are prepared to defend it to all comers 🙂 Anyone else had to do the same?


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