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A Book in 25 Words

Since writing about my back blurb and because of Linda’s suggestion, I’ve been working on my 25-word blurb/pitch for Out on a Limb. Here is what I have so far:

“Treading a spiritual path? Sometimes feel at odds with society?
Seven simple strategies help you continue developing whilst creating harmony with people in your life.”

Any feedback? Not sure if I’m quite finished with it yet. I wanted to say ‘the world’ not ‘society’ but to do so I have to save a word somewhere else – it’s harder than it looks!

Also have to report that as per my plan for the week I have actually written the first words of the first draft of this book! Working on the principle of Begin With The End in Mind, this is the book’s conclusion! (I have the funny feeling that the introduction might be written last.) It’s in longhand so far, but will get transferred to the computer soon. And it threw up another possibility which might tweak the book cover, which is a lovely part of the creative process – how things evolve and grow as you’re going along.


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