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So as I said yesterday, most of this week will be focussed on Book 2 (though I did make some progress on Book 3 yesterday whilst sipping coffee at Crealy Adventure Park and minding shoes with the boys off playing).
Book 2 leads me up a different path from Book 1 (Their Cancer – Your Journey) as this time I am blessed to be working with a publisher. And I’m loving it. I always thought that for me one of the main benefits of doing so would be a feeling of companionship – of not being in it alone. And that’s how it’s turning out so far. It’s what I found the most difficult about self publishing: even though I had a LOT of help and advice from others, ultimately it was always me who had to do everything. And I think that I work best as part of a group, so that was hard. It’s just dawning on me that this isn’t the case this time, that I can focus for now on the content of the book and making that the best I can without worrying about what comes next.
Whilst the publishing world is in a state of upheaval, I think this may be a time of great opportunity for small presses. Self publishing is great, but hurray for publishers too!


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