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Today has mostly been editing Book 2 with all the wonderful suggestions from my editor, punctuated only with a nice lunch and getting blown about at West Bay with my other half. (The picture wasn’t taken today – today it’s all horrible and rainy)
Some of it was easy – add a comma here, change the paragraph there. Other parts made my brain hurt – sentence needs expanding, this paragraph is tortuous etc. All incredibly worthwhile, though, and I can see that the book is shaping up.
So for a little bit of light relief, how about a couple of chapter titles I was working on for Book 3 at the weekend. Using the title ‘Out on a Limb’ I thought I would use the tree analogy for the chapter titles as well. So one of the challenges becomes ‘Losing Sight Of The Tree – Feeling Disconnected’ and one of the strategies is ‘Have a Look at the Forest – Find Like-minded People’.


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