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Very Brave

I was very brave this week. At my healing group on Monday evening I referred to this book I’m working on (Out on A Limb : Seven Simple Strategies for Walking a Spiritual Path and Enjoying It in a World That Doesn’t Care). It somehow felt more brave than talking about it on here, for a variety of reasons.
One is that when I talk here I’m on my own at home so I don’t have to worry about your reaction at the time 🙂
Another is that the group are all people who are on that spiritual path (ie in my target audience), so it was the first direct test for me of whether the concept made sense.
Anyway, it seemed they did understand what I was talking about, and they certainly responded with feeling to my suggestion that having a spiritual life was not all plain sailing! One aspect that was mentioned was dealing with the mundane of everyday life. Is is somehow more spiritual to opt out and join some cloistered society or take oneself off on retreat as much as possible?
My feeling (as I said at the time) is that opting out of every day life is cheating on your spiritual development (though of course I can see the point of making time for contemplation from time to time). In fact I feel the challenge is to keep a sense of the spiritual within the mundane – something that may take a lifetime of work. Then today I came across this lovely quote which may just say it more succinctly than I could :
“If you seek some special life outside of daily activities, that is like brushing aside waves to look for water” Wu-Chun.
Nuff said.


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