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Thank goodness I was actually at home on Sunday this week – especially given that I was working on Saturday. Between meetings with editors and doing the ironing it was still a busy day, but also a fabulously productive one. See, I even made time to make cakes. In fact my default position on a Sunday is that baking comes first. For me Sunday is first about family and home.
I got round to planning late in the evening after managing to mop up a few tasks from last week, but I still didn’t manage to get everything done. I do feel, though, that I got the most important things finished. I hadn’t marked which ones were most importan, but they were flagged in my head – finish the Charmouth Literary festival website requests for my husband to do, finish my final chapter for Book 2 and complete the edits I had at the time. All this did get done, and I made progress on several other things even though the task may not be complete. One thing I did mop up yesterday was clearing the in tray on my desk, which has been a dumping ground for so long – so I’m really happy with that.
So if I prioritise my planned tasks for next week, the most important one will be the remaining edits for book 2, because that is time dependant. After that, I need to progress the giveaway we are running for Their Cancer – Your Journey and do some more work for the literary festival. I am very much looking forward to Wednesday when I have a day at home and can make some real progress. Hope I manage to get further with Book 3 as well, it’s being treated a little like a poor relation this last week or so.


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