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Well my eagerly anticipated Wednesday with lots of writing time is here and it’s started with somewhat of a major wobble. It seems I have lost (read deleted without thinking about it) a Very Important File off my computer memory stick. There’s no point panicking but it’s certainly challenging my equilibrium this morning.
Anyway, I wanted to go back to the 25 word blurb I was working on for Book 3. Last week what I had was:
“Treading a spiritual path? Sometimes feel at odds with society?
Seven simple strategies help you continue developing whilst creating harmony with people in your life.”

I wasn’t entirely happy with it, mostly because I wanted to say ‘the world’ instead of ‘society’. The inspiration I’ve had on this since is about the word Sometimes, which I’ve realised is a Weak Word. I put it in there because I suspect most people don’t feel at odds with the world all the time, however wild and wacky the spiritual ideas they are investigating. But now I think that it’s one of those words that brings the energy down (within this blurb anyway). People don’t need me to tell them that they only feel at odds sometimes. If that is the case, the blurb will evoke the times when they do. All of which means that by dropping one weak word gives me room within the 25 word limit to use ‘the world’. So now I have:
“Treading a spiritual path? Feel at odds with the world?
Seven simple strategies help you create harmony with people in your life while continuing development.”

I’ve just on a whim turned the last sentence round as well because the strategies are mostly to do with relating to other people (the idea being that this allows the spiritual development to continue) rather than being about spiritual development in itself – I’m not aiming to tell anybody how to do that as I believe the whole point is that it must be done by the individual. The last two words are now a bit clunky and I could do with a better way of saying what I mean there – in only 2 words! I’m going to write what I have so far on a card and prop it up on my desk while I work today to see what comes out.

Who knew 25 words could take so much work? I’m also going to continue to avoid weak words (like try for instance) for the rest of the day and see what a difference that can make.


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