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Titles That Change

As I mentioned before, I am deep in the process of editing Book 2 (which is due out this September), a book for people who want to write. This book was mostly completed two years ago, and has been revived this year for a variety of reasons. Back when I was first writing it, I had a title. I was happy with that title, too. I even did some dowsing to help me with the final arrangement of the words.
Then my publisher got hold of it and said ‘I’m sorry, but that’s not the book’s title. That’s a subtitle.’ And she was right – so right I can’t believe I didn’t see it myself. You see I already knew that a book title must appeal to the heart – hook you in emotionally. And mine wasn’t doing that. It was all about the head, which is what a subtitle should be.
So there’s an interesting point here about working with a publisher. It’s often quoted as a disadvantage that they may change your book’s title, or come up with a cover you hate. For me right now though, I’m seeing the advantage of another input to the creative process which I am sure will make a huge difference to the potential readership. A bad title can certainly hold a book back.
I will write more tomorrow about how the eventual title was found, which is a fascinating, enlightening and unexpected story in itself.


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