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Yesterday I was telling you how Book 2 (a book for writers) needed a new title. One that hooked the emotions. Given that, how was the new title found? Well, I did a lot of brainstorming, as I was asked to do by the publisher. My husband got involved too. But we just couldn’t get it. The way it was settled on eventually was a big surprise to me … it was by keyword research!
Now on first glance this seems a very left brain, logical kind of activity to be undertaking in order to find what will hook people’s emotions. But actually there’s a good seed of information here. People do not buy what they need, they buy what they want. And if they are buying online, then the chances are that they will type in what they want into a search engine. That information is then captured and you can get access to it – amongst other places at the Adwords Keyword Tool. So all keyword research turns out to be is looking at what is driving people in your target audience. What are their motivators and the phrases that speak to their emotions?
Book 2 now has what I regard to be a really strong title – plus we also have confirmation that people want the kind of information that is included in the book – hurray! It also shows the strength of a publisher who fully understands the benefits of the internet and is in tune with how to use it.
All this is making mw wonder about the title of Book 3, which is currently Out on A Limb. No-one is ever going to type that into a search engine unless they have heard of it some other way. But I’m also very attached to it as a title right now. I think there is a place for doing some keyword research around the topic of that book to find out what people do search for. At the very least it should help the content of the book and how it will be promoted in the future.
Does anyone have another experience of finding a book title, or have you also used this approach?


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