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This is my weekly look at how planning has worked out over the last week and what lies in store for the week ahead. Well this time the story is tinged with a bit of burnout. Planning is just fantastic for getting things done, a wonderful motivator. But yesterday I found myself trying to mop up a variety of tasks from the week and I tried to stretch myself too far. I broke a mixing bowl when I dropped it half way through making the biscuits I promised my son for Monday morning. Even playing a board game with the boys became a chore to fit in!
To be fair it would all have worked out a lot better without a commitment that will not be on my plate much longer as I have resigned from the role. But where before I would have left the task till the last minute, this time I was trying to get it done at the weekend so it will not encroach on the plans for the week ahead! Planning again!
So my learning for the week was not to be too ambitius. It’s especially relevant this week, where I have a lot of family related activities which I want to enjoy not resent. The theme for the week ahead is not to get nothing done, but instead to take tiny steps. Ones that hardly take any time. I’ve got one done this morning (send an email) so we shall see how I get on with the others. And I promise if I don’t get them all done I won’t be rushing around next Sunday trying to finish them and gettin stressed in the process.


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