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The Power of Free

Today I’m back making progress on Book 2, my book for writers. As I said before, for this book I have a publisher, and that’s not something I’m used to. I’m loving the editorial input, and not feeling like I’m in it on my own. But today I came up against the fact that I am also not in control. I have nothing to do on that book and I don’t know what is happening, just when the publication date is. Ooh, I didn’t realise I would find it difficult not to be in control, but I do now!
Anyway, I have found something I can do towards the promotion, because I am intending to harness the power of free as a marketing force. So today I have learned to use a mind mapping software which has a free version – thanks very much Xmind! Now I have a lovely plan of what will go into the free download that will accompany Book 2, and am ready to start writing it.


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  1. […] on a Limb) for a while now, and written the conclusion in longhand. Book 2 is at the publisher and I am working on coping with not being in control of that! And I have planned the content of the free download which goes along with Book 2, the […]

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