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Making Space

Last week my planning had been a bit of a disaster. I had a really bad Sunday where I tried to do too much and so last week I aimed to do much less. I still didn’t quite get everything done, but at least I did make some progress. In fact I was pretty happy that I did get a little writing done on Book 3, found and learned to use a mind mapping software and planned the contents of the download that will accompany Book 2 when it comes out in September.
In the week ahead, I am still taking a small step on each of the main tasks I have on my plan. At this point I thought it would also be a good idea to reflect on the ‘Magic Strategy’ which is a theme in this planning system which lasts for three months – at the moment because this is the first quarter of my return to planning this strategy is ‘Make Space – eliminate the tolerations’. I am finding this very helpful. I have tidied up a lot of mess around and on my desk (though there is more to do) and am finding it easier to do this as it becomes a habit. The other main thing I have tackled is some book reviews I promised to do for one of the cancer support charities – over 2 years ago! When I went out to work and had less time I just stopped looking at them and had been trying to ignore them for years. Now I have contacted the organisation and found out which ones they still want me to do. I hope to tackle one this week and one next week and then this item will be complete, which will be a load off my mind.
I wonder if you have similar incomplete items you feel guilty about and that might be holding you back? I think things like this feed procrastination as I try to distract myself from feeling bad about what I ‘should’ be doing. So Making Space is working well for me, though I don’t know if three months will be long enough to deal with all my incomplete tasks!


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