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Why Self Publish?

Today I thought I would share with you one of the first sections of the free download I am creating to accompany Book 2, my book for writers. The working title for this download is How to Publish Your Book on a Shoestring using Lulu Print on Demand and so far I have written the introduction and the first section, which is what I am going to share today. Here is the first step:

“1. Preparation.

1.1 Why Self Publish?

The first part of preparing to self-publish your book is to know why you are doing it. It is only by knowing what aim you are working toward that you can make sure you steer the best course through the self-publishing and promotion waters. There are many reasons why people choose to self publish. Here is a selection to get your thought processes going:

  • To demonstrate their expertise
  • To have a career/prestige as an author
  • To make people want more of them/get more clients
  • To make money
  • To retain control of their work (as opposed to traditional publishing)
  • To get more speaker bookings (and make more money from those they have)
  • To get a traditional publisher interested in them/their work
  • To record their story for themselves and their family
  • To share their valuable information/help others
  • To raise money for charity
  • To generate website traffic or newsletter signups
  • Because they feel driven to write and share the results with others
  • Because they enjoy writing as a hobby and want to take it to the next level
  • Because people ask them for information and they are collecting it together in an easily accessible form
  • Because they have been unsuccessful in the traditional publishing route
  • Because it will give them personal satisfaction
  • Because they have a life goal of writing a book

What is your reason for self-publishing? If you are unclear, it might help to read Be An Author, or envisage what you really want life to be like after your book is published. Are you just doing this to have a go and see where you can get? Or do you have a specific goal for your book in terms of number of books sold or money made? Get clear on that now and keep it in mind as you go along, altering your intention as you get feedback from your results along the way.”

I will be continuing with this download through the weeks ahead, so are there any burning questions about self publishing you would like to see included? Anything which has caused you particular problems? Any advice you would share with others? Let me know and I’ll see what I can do.


Comments on: "Why Self Publish?" (3)

  1. Great idea and looking forward to reading more. I think I ticked at least nine of the above reasons straight away. Thanks Anne.

    • Sounds like you have lots of motivation Harvey! I am intrigued as to what you are going to self publish. Any burning questions, just let me know.

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