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Who Are Your Readers?

Continuing from yesterday’s post on Why Self Publish? This is the next step – identifying your potential readers.
“As tempting as it is to say ‘Everyone should read my book’ or ‘This book will appeal to a broad market’, this is not really very helpful to you. What you need is to know more about the people who will read your book. Are they more likely to be male or female? Older or younger? Will your book appeal to people who do a particular job, or live in a particular area? Are they interested in spirituality, or history, or civil engineering? Any information you can deduce will help you find ways to let people know about your book – and may even change the content.
This may be obvious for a non-fiction book that is passing on information, but it can also help for fiction. For instance, if your novel is set in Cornwall there may be magazines and websites dedicated to the area that would like to review it for their readers, or gift shops in the area that would stock it.
You may be thinking that there are lots of groups of people who would benefit from reading your book. If so, great! Write them all down and you will find ways to reach each group. This is called ‘market segmentation’ but that doesn’t really matter, it’s just about finding ways to connect with people.”


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