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Following on from Who Are Your Readers?, this is the next step in preparation for self publishing.

“For non-fiction, I would definitely also recommend a further step :
1.2.1 What Are Their Problems?
For all the groups you have found, write down the problems and difficulties that you can identify which your book aims to address. For example, for the next book I am working on, the main problem I have identified is that people interested in spiritual development find themselves in conflict with those who think it is all rubbish! This then makes it harder for them to continue on the path they are following.
1.2.2 What Benefits Will They Gain?
Assuming you can help your readers solve the problems you have identified, what benefits will they gain from that? The trick is when you describe how it will help them to keep asking the question ‘So?’ until you get to something the reader really wants. For my example above, if I say that my reader can create harmony with the people in their lives I ask myself ‘So?’ The answer is ‘so they can continue their spiritual development and enjoy it’. Now I believe that I have identified something my reader really wants and have got the benefit I wanted. This will then be used later in my marketing of the book.”


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