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I racked up my first major success for following my planning system last week. A letter arrived from the government notifying me of an approaching deadline for filing some forms. Normally something that would strike terror into my heart because I was unprepared. Not this time, though.
By following the planning system, I have been forcing myself to tackle the financial side of life a little each week and though I’m not completely up to date yet, at least I am ready for this particular deadline. So I’ve given myself a big pat on the back and am now more committed than ever to the planning system.
Unfortunately what the system can’t do is magic time out of the air and I am concerned that I am not making enough progress on the self-publishing download that I am writing. I am not sure how to tackle this, but I have tried really hard not to put too much else onto the plan this week and hope to make a lot of progress on it this week.
I’ll probably take my next look at how the planning is making a difference when I get to the three month point, as I think I’ve now proved what a difference it makes on a week-by-week basis, and even ironed out some of the kinks.


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