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I had a wonderful day out on Saturday at the Quest Natural Health Show in Devon. Although I enjoyed the whole day, my main reason for going was to attend a workshop with Tim Freke, who I mentioned right at the beginning of this blog. I wanted to give you my response to the workshop, because it really resonated with me. The workshop was based on Tim’s book The Mystery Experience, which I had been reading the week before I went. I think that because I had just been reading a lot of what Tim was saying in the book this freed my mind a bit and I found myself spontaneously drifting off into the experience, which was my point in being there. This left me open to hear Tim use two words which I thought summed up the mystery of life – those two words are human being.
On the one hand we are very human, flesh and blood, fallible, gullible, lovable and everything else in between. On the other hand we are also self-aware, there is something (we don’t quite know what) that has the experience of being. In some ways these are opposites but like the poles of a magnet they cannot exist without each other. (As far as I understand ift, there is no such thing as a one-poled magnet. If you cut a magnet in half you end up with two magnets that each have both poles.) As Tim expressed it, quoting from physicist Neils Bohr, I think, ‘The opposite of a great truth is also true.’ We are human and we are, in essence, being. Both true.
In a beautiful illustration of the point, in the middle of typing up this deep insight on my Sunday evening, I just had to break off to go and watch a tv programme I’m following with my boys – honouring a commitment to family which is very human. So whilst I can enjoy inner exploration and experiencing the mystery of being, I am also human, and happy to be so.


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