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Out on a Limb again

No, this isn’t me talking about Book 3 again, it is me coming up against the reason I started this blog in the first place – to have the courage to talk about my deep thoughts and experiences whilst working on that book as well. After my wonderful weekend at Quest, you would have thought that was enough for now, but something happened to me on Monday evening that I feel I have to share.
As you may know if you’ve been following along, one of the changes I had made just before starting this process was to join a healing group which meets every Monday night. This is my first experience with tapping into healing energy in any structured way and it’s been a bit of a revelation. I have long been fascinated by all sorts of alternative or energy medicine, but never been quite ready to learn to practice any of them. In time I came to feel that they were all different ways of harnessing the energy that lies under everything, and most of them seemed too prescriptive to me. The direct healing I am practicing now seems like the first methodology that provides a structure so I can get started without restricting access to that energy in some way or confusing the issue for me. Anyway, a few months in and I’m really loving it.
Back to Monday evening, then. The group leader took us through a meditation as usual, and then we each had a card from a deck – these were Diana Cooper’s Angel cards – and I drew Laughter. We had an interesting discussion based on this (and the other people’s cards too) though I did have a little trouble with the affirmation on the card ‘I see the humour in everything’ (Everything! Really? Not sure I can manage that).
Then we moved on to our healing practice and here’s where it gets intense. As I was working on my client, I was inspired to ask the angels to send some of the laughter and lighness of spirit that had been indicated on my card, for my client’s benefit. To begin with I just felt a little lighter. Then I had the strongest impression that I had an angel with me doing the healing. It was the most intense and emotional experience, and totally unexpected for me. I do not think of myself as psychic and have never had a direct experience like this before – unlike the many people for whom conversing with angels or spirits appears to be the norm. I can only wonder at what happened, and feel hugely grateful for all the steps to there. I have no idea if this experience will be repeated but have a sneaking suspicion that there may be many other surprises to come. I will definitely trust my intuition in the healing process and see what comes.


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