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I’ve been thinking about creativity over the weekend. Wondering what it is and where it comes from. What I have noticed is that when people tap into the creative process, they often seem to get to a place I recognise, a place I would describe as a spiritual one. One easy way to see this is to look at the lyrics of songs. Often we half listen to a song and don’t really think about what it says. Or we might have a preconception of a certain age of musician or judge bands based on the type of music they play.
I’d invite you to put all that aside for a minute though and look at these two songs. The first is Where is the Love by the Black Eyed Peas. Very powerful lyrics, I think you would agree. No sign of a selfish generation, there. And how about Nickelback’s If Everyone Cared (I love this song, it sends shivers up my spine).
I am sure that other forms of creativity also tap into what seems to be a wisdom that cuts across the artificial divisions of generations, race or creed. I am also interested that there seems to be a challenge here – especially as that is what I am looking at in my next book. So many creative people also seem to suffer terribly. They are prone to falling into abuse of drugs or drink, and I was reminded of that as we reached the first anniversary of the death of Amy Winehouse, one of our most recent losses in the UK. I haven’t yet quite put my finger on why creativity makes people vulnerable in this way. Or are we all vulnerable and it is just that celebrity makes it visible? I wonder if the lack of acceptance in society for spiritual viewpoints is a contributing factor. Something I will be musing on further, I think. I would love to know what you think, too.
I would like to leave you this morning with a final song which will end on a positive note. Because I do believe that at the end All You Need Is Love.


Comments on: "Creativity, Connectedness and Challenges" (3)

  1. I have also wondered about those who ‘take the wrong path’. How often do we read that intelligent schoolkids take their own lives? Is it bacause they have over-thought what lies ahead and as a consequence, cannot cope with that (perhaps misguided) vision of life?
    I often use music as a source for creative thought when I write, or perform mundane tasks. I think of it as the stick that stirs the muddy mind.

    • Hi Andrew, nice to meet you. I think that perhaps part of the problem stems from loneliness. When the creativity is there without the human connection to others thinking the same way, therein lies the potential for disaster.
      I haven’t used music as inspiration so far, though I might perhaps give it a try some time. I found that when I had my kids I was less able to cope with music in the background – too many sounds competing for attention, But I like the idea of an inspirational soundscape for writing so perhaps I’ll give it a try one quiet day.

      • Anne

        It can take quite a bit of trial and error to find your ideal writing music. The choice is endless. Vocal or instrumental? Soundtrack, classical or pop? Don’t get disheartened if the first few tries just distract you. Not all of my inspirational music is suitable for writing – some of it works better to inspire!

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