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I’ve never wanted to write fiction. That’s what I said when I started this blog. That is, until a conversation with a friend prompted a brilliant idea for a book. A sort of semi-fiction book based on a true story back in my husband’s family tree. I want to have a go at writing it so much it almost hurts.

But I haven’t written Book 3 yet, the brilliant book idea that got this blog going in the first place. In fact, I just decided that Book 3 was going to have to wait until I’ve dealt with the download I’m writing to accompany Book 2 because it wasn’t working trying to change between the two, and the download is time dependent because Book 2 comes out in September.

I seem to have gone from being a writer that had a good idea about once every two years to having three on the go at once plus, as most authors do, a day job to take care of. I haven’t been in this situation before and so have no idea how to cope. So I’m asking, how do other writers cope with multiples ideas knocking on the doors of your mind, tempting you away from the commitments you have made to other books?

At least I did get some more of my download written yesterday evening, after a day of taking care of finances and going out for a picnic. Perhaps burning the candle at both ends is the only answer, but I don’t know if I can.


Comments on: "Temptation from New Ideas" (5)

  1. If you have three ideas all jostling for attention, my grandest piece of advice is get two out on paper enough that they won’t just fizzle out into the emptiness that is forgetfulness. Then, focus. It may be hard at first but once you get your writer’s brain engaged with one project it’ll often stay on course.

    If, by chance, you do have some things that pop up or jump into your mind that are clearly your other projects, write em down, store them away, and then keep focusing.

    • Hi Nathan, I think that is probably very good advice. I know which one I need to concentrate on as it’s time dependant – needs to be ready for download when my book is launched on 8th September. I have some good notes for the next book, so I guess I need to capture something of this third idea so it doesn’t disappear whilst I focus on the task at hand.
      As a long-time sci-fi fan I will have to keep an eye on your projects, too!

  2. […] following the good advice I had yesterday, I have captured my fiction book idea on paper, and am back to focussing on my Self Publishing […]

  3. […] though, that without really noticing I had been making progress anyway. In the meantime I had an idea for a novel based on the life of one of my husband’s ancestors. I’ve been doing some research for […]

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