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Last night I was at my healing practice group, and just like a few weeks ago we drew an angel card each. I wanted to share what the card I had with you, and the thinking that went along with it.
The card was Synchronicity and it invited me to notice synchronicities in my life. This is a word that has come up in my life lately when my friend Linda defined it here in her Weekly Word segment.
I thought back over the previous week and saw definite evidence of synchronicity in my life. At the last session of the group it had come up that I don’t have any pets in my life at the moment (for lots of good reasons) and I miss that. So I thought it might be nice if a cat turned up to be stroked. And it happened the very next day when I took the boys to Escot Park. Sitting at the furthest point of the park while the kids played on the climbing equipment, a lovely kitty wandered over for a bit of fuss.
According to the card, synchronicity is the angels showing you signs that you are on the right path. Which is fab. The affirmation on the card, though, made me think of a different aspect of synchronicity. I can’t remember the exact words but it was related to everything happening in its right time. This made me think that the flip side of synchronicity is that sometimes we have to wait for something we want. This is especially relevant to that group. I can’t tell you how many years I have patiently waited for the ‘right thing’ to come along to allow me to explore my own aptitude for working with healing. So synchronicity also involves a degree of patience and trust that things will work out.
One more example of synchronicity before I go. Just as I have come to accept that Yes, I do want to do something about my weight and my health, which I have not paid enough attention to lately, I came home from the group to find my husband watching a fascinating programme about intermittent fasting and the health benefits it can bring. It may just be a way to work WITH my body to get more healthy – and still be able to bake and eat cake, too! Thanks for the nudge, angels, we are definitely looking into how we might each apply the principle and see what happens.


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