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As you may know, I’ve been working on my next book, which will be launched at the Charmouth Literary Festival in September. It’s called Be An Author, and tells the real story of what it is like to write and publish a book in today’s world. The last chapter I wrote was the one on ePublishing, and here is a short extract :
“I have not yet embraced the digital book at all. I don’t have an eReader and I hate reading books on the computer screen so I don’t do it. For people like me, I believe there is always a reason to have a print version available – unless and until the balance tips so far that print becomes obsolete.”

Like all the best ‘famous last words’, writing this, though true at the time, sowed the seeds of its own demise. I couldn’t help but be inspired by my contributing authors attitude to eBooks. I was still worried, though, about being able to read on the Kindle. Until I looked at one and discovered that you can make the text bigger – in fact really quite big. As my aging eyes prevent me reading easily in the evening and I’m not a great fan of reading glasses or of watching tv (Olympics and sci-fi excepted) this seemed a great boon to me.
Add to that my desire to read a wider range of books from independent publishers and authors, the limitations of my budget and an impending birthday and the Kindle became a no-brainer. I’ve had it less than a week and so far the love affair is definitely hotting up.

So the next question is ‘What should I read?’ My intention is to use it to widen my reading horizons, to pick up books from less well known authors and in genres I wouldn’t normally tackle. So go on, make me a suggestion. Have you written a book? Let’s have a link! Have you loved a book I ought to try? Please tell me. Are you having a giveaway or promotion? Let me know. If I like the look I may well give it a go, and if I enjoy it I’ll probably write a review as well.


Comments on: "Embracing the Kindle – Never say Never" (4)

  1. Oh, oh, oh … I LURVE that Kindle cover ….. :-))))

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