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Actually the title is a bit misleading here – because we all learned to write fiction at school. What I really mean is practicing fiction writing. That’s what I started doing this week. Because I now have a fiction idea for a novel and because it is a very long time since I wrote even a short story, I really want to get some practice in.
I have a few resources that can help me with techniques and ‘how-tos’ like Stephen King’s On Writing (which is mostly about what not to do, as I recall) – I would also welcome suggestions for other resources to try. But ultimately the best way to get good at writing fiction seems to be to do it. So yesterday I wrote my first tiny piece. I’m not going to post it today because it’s part of an event which happens on a Friday, so you will get to see it tomorrow. It was fun, though, in a funny kind of way, and I hope to make it a reasonably regular event, time and inspiration permitting.
Till tomorrow, then.


Comments on: "Learning to Write Fiction" (6)

  1. I haven’t read, On Writing, but I did peruse both of Orson Scott Card’s books on writing. Sorry don’t recall the titles just at the moment but they were good. One is specific to science fiction/fantasy and the other all about characters. I enjoyed them, but yes I’ve learned more in the writing than in the reading.

    • Ooh, we like Orson Scott Card, but I didn’t know he had written books about writing. Will be interested in the one on characterisation so will go have a search. Thanks Nathan.

  2. Can’t wait to see your written piece tomorrow..


  3. So you finally decided to take the plunge and join us in Friday Fictioneers – well done Anne and I’m looking forward to seeing your contribution 🙂

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