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A Lot Happening

Well, what a weekend. I can’t quite believe I managed to wake up this morning on time in spite of staying up VERY late for me watching the Olympic closing ceremony. Which was fab, in a mad kind of way. Seemed as though someone had forgotten to give the commentators the sheet telling them what was going on so that they could share it with us. There was a whole Phoenix rising from the cauldron segment with wonderful ballet dancers which could really have merited some explanation as to what it was about. Just lookinng forward to the Paralympics now, as it seems strange to have had the closing ceremony with that all still to come – can it really be as dramatic and inspirational as this last two weeks has been – yes, I bet it can, if not more so. I really hope it gets a lot of tv coverage as I for one am behind every one of those athletes and sportspeople as I have been for the past two weeks. Well done to the whole country for getting behind these games, let’s focus on what was great about it and not let our media get away with starting to find fault after the event.
My other happenings of the weekend were a fab meal out for mine and hubby’s birthdays courtesy of my lovely mother-in-law, getting back to my planning after a fortnight – oh and my computer dying totally and permanently (am borrowing one of the others in the house this morning before the rest of them wake up – where once people ended up with a tv in every room, now it seems we all need our own pc!) More of the impact of that tomorrow if I can get to the blog.


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