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This post is probably one of thousands if not millions of similar stories on the web. I wanted to share it, though, because I think it is so relevant for other writers and authors.
We all know about taking backups. Probably most of us do take them. Maybe many of you already have technology which automatically saves every piece of writing you work on. But I don’t. I have a husband who looks after that for me, and we have a weekly backup schedule. Except that last week we were away at the Olympics and it didn’t get done. So when my computer died irreversibly at the weekend I lost two weeks work on my self publishing download. Indluding a week when I was at home and did quite a lot of writing. I am under time pressure for this download, so it really hurts. But even if I wasn’t I think it would be really hard work to write again things that I already wrote before. Not to mention the research that went into this document. I could take the computer to have the disk checked to see if the file is recoverable, but I’m not sure I have time to wait for that, so I’m just going to knuckle down and get it rewritten.
The realisation that has come along with this situation is that it’s another example of not taking my writing seriously enough. This blog was all part of recognising that I am a writer and living up to that. I now realise that as well as thinking of myself as a writer, I need to think of every word I have written as precious. A weekly backup schedule is nowhere near enough. I need to save my writing EVERY time I work on it. This could be done with a fancy online solution, I am sure, but I actually have a perfectly good solution to hand in the trusty little flash drive. It takes only a few seconds to pop it in the machine and take a copy each time I write.
I’m sure many of you wise writers will already be streets ahead of me here, but if you don’t take a copy of everything every time, then perhaps you could also start doing it too.


Comments on: "Writers, Save Your Work – A Cautionary Tale" (2)

  1. I’m really sorry to hear that 😦 I hope you can write it again without many problems..

    If you write on a computer with constant internet access, Google Docs is a great way to go. Basically the file is never even saved on your computer, it’s on a server somewhere, so no matter what happens you can always access from any computer you log on to.

  2. Thanks for that Vera, I’ll have to look into it. Somehow I always seem to be one step behind the latest technology 🙂

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