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I wasn’t sure if I would manage to write a story this week, what with having no computer of my own and borrowing time on hubby’s, but I had so much fun last week and was made so welcome I thought I would have a try.

Friday Fictioneers is organised by Madison Woods and involves writing a 100-word story based on the photo prompt. This week’s photo prompt is shown below, and the link to all the other stories is shown below my offering.

Photo copyright Lura Helms



“I suppose all your tree-hugger friends will be there. You’d all have been burned as witches back in the day, you know.”

She didn’t expect him to agree with all her beliefs, but did he have to be so vicious in his condemnation, she wondered. His aura could really do with a good cleanse.

Jennifer shut the door behind her without dignifying his remarks with a reply, and her mood lifted.

In fact, she was only meeting one friend tonight, and it wouldn’t be trees they were hugging, either. But their spouses didn’t need to know that, did they?


You can find the link to the rest of this week’s entries here



Comments on: "Tree-Hugger – Friday Fictioneers" (23)

  1. Hi Anne: Happy you returned. What a naughty tree-hugger…er…spouse hugger. Nice work. You may want to go back and check a typo here and there. 2nd para…the word agree; 3rd para. reply instead of rely. Don’t worry, we all have them and it’s no harm to have them pointed out. I’m behind you #30.

    • Hi Lora, Thanks for the comment and pointing out the typos. Seems like I typed it verrrry early this morning so obviously my editing brain was still asleep. Have fixed them now and will pop over to see your story.

  2. Nicely done Anne; a different twist on the prompt.

  3. ooohhh. Sneaky little thing, she is.
    Boy was he barking up the wrong tree (I’m sorry but I couldn’t resist the obvious).
    Enjoyed it a lot.. Randy

  4. Like the move from tree-hugging to “friend”-hugging. Nice.

  5. Enjoyed your story. Nice twist at the end.

  6. Unexpected twist! Tree-hugging swingers, eh? (Because a tree’s always a good place for a swing. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.) πŸ™‚

  7. Ow what a nicely done naughty take on the prompt. Good show. Mine is here and liked: http://readinpleasure.wordpress.com/2012/08/17/fridayfictioneers-the-withered-flower/

  8. I wasn’t sure at first but ended up smiling. Thanks for the lift! mine will be up soon. My story, that is!

  9. I can say I honestly don’t care for any of the characters in this story. Don’t take that wrong, I’m not saying they’re poorly written. I’m saying I don’t care for the kind of people they are. Good job eliciting that reaction!

    • I agree Adam, which is why it was so interesting for me to write them. I have a fiction project in mind (it will be my first) based on a real person who I suspect was not actually all that nice all the time. And obviously as I am so nice I have no experience to draw upon (heavy sarcasm spotted here, I am sure). Thanks for stopping by and your comment.

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