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At last I know what is wrong with me – Delayed Pressure Urticaria.
For over a year now I have had a strange problem – developing red itchy weals wherever my skin has been subjected to pressure during the day. Having been to see my doctor and been faced with blank looks followed by vague mumbling about age and water retention, I was left with the internet. But I didn’t really want to look – what if it was something really awful? I know this is a very dim attitude to take, but don’t we all?
Anyway, the other day I looked up my symptoms and found out that this is a Known Problem. It even has that funny name. But it is known at the level of ‘we’ve given it a name which describes what it is but have no idea why it happens to some people. It’s not life-threatening and will go away one day.’ I put this in the category of mildly comforting but distinctly lacking in helpfulness. It just brings me back to how little we really know about the human body and how it works, even after all the research that has been done.
The only advice offered seems to be to use something to soothe the itching (which I had figured out for myself or else I would never get ANY sleep) and to avoid pressure on the skin. As the type of pressure which causes the weals involves such activities as wearing a bra, carrying a bag on my shoulder for more than about 10 minutes or standing up for a while in shoes, you can see that it is not really practical.
Why am I sharing this on here? Well, just because it’s part of my life. I know it is a silly little problem compared with much of what others cope with on a day to day basis, but it affects me. More than I care to admit at times. So now I have to decide whether I accept that there is nothing I can do and just put up with it until my body decides it does not need to create a histamine reaction to pressure, or do I investigate alternative remedies in addition to my weekly healing group. It is just possible that the intermittent fasting regime hubby and I have embarked upon may make some difference, but that is really just wild speculation.
I would be delighted to hear from anyone who has overcome this issue and how they did so, or just to share my sympathy with anyone else putting up with this in their life.


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  1. It is an extremely frustrating condition that I too have. Sorry for all your suffering. More later. Take care. Lynn.

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