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*Fatal to the planning system, not to me I hasten to add.

I was going great guns with my planning system and getting loads done. Then I had a week off and didn’t think I needed to bother planning that week. The trouble is I then didn’t go back to it after that – same as any other habit I guess. I did try one week but failed to follow through.

So after more than a month, with the kids now back at school, and inspired by an excellent Charmouth Literary Festival on Saturday, I’m getting back to it this week. Some of the things on the list involve this blog, and working on the self publishing download. At the Charmouth Literary Festival one of the participants told me that he had passed the fore-runner of this download on to a friend who then self-published his book and since had it picked up by a traditional publisher. That was great feedback and encouraged me no end.

I know there’s no point beating myself up over the lapse of my planning, but I do aim to learn from it that I have to keep focussed and do it EVERY week in order for it to be a habit.


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