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Over the weeks ahead, I’m going to be sharing a few extracts from my latest book, Be An Author. First, I thought it would be a good idea to tell you a little bit more about the book.
This book grew out of my work with the Charmouth Literary Festival, which we run as a festival with a difference, because the focus is on people who want to write. Once I decided to write the book, I did some research at my local Business networking group Business Xchange in Dorset, and amongst my contacts. It turned out that many of those I spoke to wanted to write, but were being held back by fears – most of which were unfounded.
In Be An Author, I set out to challenge some of those fears, and debunk the mysteries of writing. In order to do so I wanted to talk to other authors, so it was not just my voice being heard. I talked to authors who are working hard on making a name for themselves – some going it alone, others now with traditional publishers. I’m now going to introduce you to those contributors, who gave their time to answer my questions so that you could be inspired on your writing journey.

Sallyann Sheridan
Sallyann’s background is as a copywriter. She has written advertising copy for national companies, book cover text for publishing houses, and then moved on to writing for herself. She has written a number of non-fiction books including The Magic of Writing Things Down, numerous stories and feature articles for magazines and in 2009 her first novel, If Wishes Were Horses, was published. Her lastest book Relax is available as a download from her website with its companion relaxation audio Let Go.
You can find out more about Sallyann at www.sallyannsheridan.com.

Simon Hall
Simon Hall is a crime reporter for BBC TV in the South West. Intrigued by the similar skills required in journalism and police work, Simon created the ‘TV Detective’, and has written a series of mysteries involving this character.
Simon self-published his first book, before securing a publisher for the subsequent books. Simon still works full time and regards writing and promoting his books (one of which has now been adapted into a stage play) as one of life’s great pleasures.
Simon is online at www.thetvdetective.com.

Wendy Knee
Wendy is a life coach, adventurer and inspiration to all who know her. Having lived a full life with many ups and downs, Wendy came to writing in her sixties with a little book called Never Die Wondering. This book continues to enjoy success – and to change people’s lives – and has since been joined by a companion, Get Cracking.
Wendy is now working on Travels with Granny – the story of both her own travels and how she is sharing that love of adventure with her grandchildren.
See more at www.wendyknee.com.

Linda Parkinson-Hardman
Linda’s writing came out of her social enterprise The Hysterectomy Association. Having done research which showed that women given information do better after hysterectomy and that this information was not widely available, Linda plugged the gap with her online support. This was followed by several books on the subject including 101 Handy Hints for a Happy Hysterectomy.
Harnessing the Internet in its early days, Linda also knows more than most about all things web related. She now teaches and consults on web-based business. Her latest non-fiction book LinkedIn Made Easy helps you get the most out of the most prominent business social network. Linda has now branched into fiction with her first novel, Woman on the Edge of Reality.
Not surprisingly, Linda is online in several places including www.womanontheedgeofreality.com.”

These people have all inspired me to continue with my writing, and to look towards what more I can do in the future. I hope you will enjoy reading some of their words over the coming weeks.


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