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I decided it might be a good idea to start the week with a ‘thought for the week’ type post. This is the first one, but I hope it will be a more or less regular thing. They will come out of things that have happened to me or come up in some way in my life – either online through my social media connections or else in the ‘other life’ that I live in the offline world.

Today’s thought is about celebration and comes courtesy of my Monday night healing practice group. Last week when drawing our normal inspirational cards, I picked one about Celebration. It was very appropriate for two reasons. The first was that we had just held the Charmouth Literary Festival two days before, and Wendy (who shoulders most of the responsibility) suggested that the three organisers should go out to celebrate the success of the day. A great idea, as last time we were just so relieved it was over we just turned our minds from the whole affair and that is probably part of the reason we ended up with a two year gap.
The second reason was that on the same day as the Literary Festival my new book Be An Author was launched. Well, I’d done a talk and some readings from the book, but celebrate its launch? Not really. So my friends at the group celebrated it with me a little and I resolved to mark it a little more. So when I am off out for a meal with Mr O. on Friday I will be raising a glass of something non-alcoholic and making sure I have celebrated properly.

I’d like to know if this also applies to you. Is there something great you have forgotten to celebrate? Whether it is an achievement such as finishing a first draft of a book or an unexpected happening like a premium bond win, please share it with me and I will celebrate with you. It has to be a good way to get yourself into a positive frame of mind for the week ahead, at least.


I love to hear from anyone and everyone, so do let me know what you're thinking

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