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Diet Disappointment

Well, my first weigh-in 4 weeks after starting on the 5:2 eating plan was an absolute let-down. I hadn’t lost any weight at all – not a single pound. To make things worse, Mr O (my other half) had lost 5 pounds in the same time – hereby showing the disadvantage to doing this with a partner. I had expected him to lose more than me as he had cut down further on calories, but it was galling to say the least. There are several possible reasons for this lack of results:

  1. I did not cut down far enough on calories. I have been around the 700 mark on my low-cal days, where the recommended amount for a woman is 5-600.
  2. At the same time I started a Callanetics exercise programme, and the book suggests you should not weigh yourself as you may even gain weight due to building muscle mass.
  3. There may be a difference between my metabolism and my husband’s which means that my body is just more prone to holding on to weight.
  4. My scales may have developed a pathological dislike for me and are just being mean.

Sadly, I think number 4 is unlikely. There is some slight evidence for number 2 as I did also take my waist and hip measurements at the beginning and have lost an inch from each over the 4 weeks.
Where to go from here? It is hard being hungry two days a week and having little to show for it, but weight loss was never the only reason for starting this programme. I will be cutting down my calories a little more, as I am finding it possible to manage and am no longer getting the low blood sugar wobbly feeling I used to when I went too long without eating. I’ll keep up the exercise programme, too, and then see where I am after another 4 weeks. If my clothes get noticeably looser I might not even mind what my spiteful scales say.

Update : You can find further diet updates in Diet Report No and Diet Report No 3


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  1. Or just possibly 5) You are a woman.

    I read some interesting articles claiming the scientific testing of this approach was overwhelmingly done on men, and women may show very different responses to fasting. I’lll try to find links if you;re interested.

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  3. Jennifer turnbull said:

    the recommended daily calories are 500 or less for a woman and 600 or less for a man. If you’ve lost inches though I wouldn’t worry, however you might not benefit from the full health benefits if your eating too many calories.

    • Hi Jennifer, yes I know that I ‘should’ be on 500 calories, but was frightened of going down that low straight off given the low blood sugar wobbles I was prone to before I started. I’ve now cut down a bit more and am coping ok on it, so feeling more optimistic now. Not sure how I would know if I am getting the full health benefits or not, though. Thanks for your comment.

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