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I had a mad moment last weekend. I was visiting a craft exhibition with my mother-in-law and I was seduced by this piece of fabric. To go towards a patchwork quilt. I’ve never done any patchwork in my life, but I saw this and thought it would be perfect for a quilt for my son to take away to college.
Now, I know this is probably a very odd idea, and he might think a quilt made by mum was horribly uncool. So I asked him what he thought – would he like one, given that it would probably take the intervening five years for me to actually make it? His response was quite reasonable – ‘Mum, how on earth can I possibly know how I will feel in five years time? I have no idea what I will be like then!’
This made me think. I actually don’t know how I will feel about anything in five years time, either. If he does go off to college I might hate him going, or be delighted to have one less responsibility at home – or feel at the same time. Life events have a way of changing who we are as well. What if I was to suffer from a serious illness in that time, for instance?
I did realise, though, that I have some choice about who I am in five years from now. Exploring my spiritual side through my healing group is one positive way that I can affect the outcome. Are there any others anyone else would suggest?

What about the quilt? I think I will make it, at least if I come across other fabrics that would work. And if it’s too uncool to go away with him, it might be something nice to come home to from time to time.


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