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Review Your Book Title

I am now in the process of editing my self-publishing download, and the complete document will be available soon. So it is fitting that the next extract I’m going to share is part of the Revision and Formatting Section of the process. Once you have completed your first draft of your book and cover, you will be ready to begin the process of revision by revisiting your book title.

“Go back to the working title you created for your book. Does it still make sense to you now you have written the book? Have you talked about it to other people, and if so what was their reaction? If they said ‘I want that book, when will it be finished?’ you are probably on to a winner. If you had to go on to explain what your book is about then it may need more work. Don’t be afraid to make changes at this stage, even to start completely afresh.
If you haven’t done so yet, test your title out – preferably on people who fit into the reader categories you identified back in Who Are Your Readers? You might ask them to choose between 3-5 slight variations on your title and see if one resonates best of all. Bear in mind your keyword research from Get A Working Title, keep any key phrases you identified there, or if you have gone in a different direction go back and redo the research. Keep working on this until you are completely happy with your title, and then breathe a big sigh of relief.
You will know you are done with your title when every time you tell someone the title, it seems more like an old friend, and you can’t even contemplate the book being called anything else.”


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