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This week’s Friday Fictioneers photo prompt is a picture of the kind of kitchen I love. Thanks to Madison Woods for running the whole thing, and to Raina Ng for the picture. The link to this week’s other stories is below mine,


If You Can’t Stand The Heat…

The kitchen door needed a no-entry sign. Mum was cooking, and it wasn’t going well.

“Knew it!” Two lanky teen boys shared a glance of exasperation. The older one, Jay, reached up with a seemingly endless arm to shut off the piercing tones of the smoke alarm, moments after they began.

“Guess the writing didn’t work out today,” said Carl, as they slunk away to their respective rooms. He hoped his big brother had some funds put by so they could sneak out to the village shop later. Otherwise they’d be hungry tonight.



Comments on: "Friday Fictioneers – If You Can’t Stand The Heat" (44)

  1. Dear Anne,

    Do you by any chance have two teenage boys? There was a lot of you in this story, I’m guessing. Tell me I’m wrong.

    Loved the poor boys trying to scrape together funds for alternative meal plans. Great stuff.



  2. If you can’t write, cook. My husband is grateful I can usually find something to write about. Nice one, Anne.

    • I love to cook, but not when stressed or in a bad mood. Haven’t yet got stuck with the writing either, but that might be because I don’t find enough time to do it 🙂 Thanks for the comment.

  3. Having had trouble with smoke alarms this week, your piece is well-timed, Anne! It’s just as well I can find things to write about, too. Nicely done.

    • Pesky smoke alarms! Ours goes off if you open the oven door – usually with someone bellowing at it “I’m only cooking”!!! Glad you enjoyed it, Joanna.

  4. they’ve learned how to deal with the aftermath. unfortunately it seems to have happened more than once! well done.

  5. When the writing doesn’t go well, everyone suffers. Very clever.

  6. This is sounding like me, except that when I am writing my 3 boys know they had better find some bread and munch on. Very well written, Anne. 🙂 Mine is here: http://readinpleasure.wordpress.com/2012/10/05/fridayfictioneers-the-empty-heart/

    • Hi Celestine, I was thinking that they were trying not to upset Mum by making it obvious that her offerings were appalling. I was thinking of an old UK TV series called Butterflies where the mum was a terrible cook. Thanks for visiting. I am a bit late this weekend, but will have a look round the other stories as soon as I can.

  7. Nice long story in a few words.

  8. Hi Anne,
    A nice sermon to the choir in your story. Sometimes I think it’s ridiculous and out of proportion how much I care about writing, my own and others’. Perffect story for your audience. Ron

  9. Very cute. Take your writerly frustration out on food.

  10. Village shop sounds so quaint. I enjoyed this little piece.

  11. I got a kick out of this! It’s sad and also hilarious that the boys have a slush fund for bad writing days.

  12. When Mum’s not happy, no one’s happy. Great story, Anne.

  13. I learned to cook as a young man because Mom and Dad were busy working and trying to pay for the grocery bills…Mom still calls for cooking advice. You might get a chef out of one of them. If not they will certainly know where to find the best meal in town….Enjoyed this!

  14. Ahh… somehow this story seems to have a personal tinge to it! 🙂
    Well written, I could feel the mum’s frustration and the kids’ helplessness, and no one could be really blamed.
    Liked it!

  15. Cute one. Sounds like the kids go through this a lot. Life of a writer, huh? The mind is always on something else.

  16. Sounds like they’ve learned how to survive Mum’s writer’s block days.

  17. Very well done, and sounds so real too. Thanks much for stopping by mine

  18. This made me chuckle. Can’t you just see these boys…years later during holidays or family reunions…telling this story about mom’s cooking, writing, smoke alarms, scrounging for money to get a burger in the Village shop??? Love it.

  19. Ha! This is a familiar theme in my house. The smoke alarm gets activated by the heat from the oven unless I close th kitchen door. My 15 year old is expert at turning it off…. Even the dog wants to go out when I turn the oven on. Loved it!

  20. Very nice details (smoke alarm!) in this piece. I love the verb to slink! Enjoyable piece, very much to think about in a short selection.

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